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Say Hello To Our Care Packs & Cocktails Volunteers!

Our Volunteers

Care Packs & Cocktails is only as successful as it is because of our support team. While we wish we could shout out each and every team member, we did want to take a moment to highlight a couple who have been by our side to help plan the best nonprofit event of the year.



Jennifer is a strong advocate for T. Teal, and has been a part of Care Packs & Cocktails from the beginning. She is an essential part of the team, and helped take CPC from a private to public event, and works hard at everything from decor, organizing, reaching out for community support, and corralling models backstage.

“After the first year we knew we were on to something and our event has grown every year. Now, we are selling out the Criterion thanks to an army of volunteers, generous sponsors, incredible event planning and production teams, and top-notch hair and makeup teams. All of these people come together for one reason- to celebrate and encourage cancer fighters”.

 Jennifer is also essential in connecting the community with the T. Teal mission. 

“I feel privileged to have an up-close view of the ways T. Teal is helping others every single day.  Each time I meet a cancer fighter, I make sure they know about T. Teal and I introduce them to Tarah. Often, just talking to someone like Tarah, who has been there, brings a unique level of comfort. They know they are not alone and that people genuinely care. I have recruited so many friends and family members to help with the event through the years. I love seeing my friends fall in love with the mission of TTeal like I have”. 



This year, Becky is on our modeling committee, but she’s been involved with CPC and Tenaciously Teal in a variety of ways over the years. An Ovarian cancer survivor herself, Becky has been a survivor model before.

“Oh my gosh, it was so empowering. We are survivors. Being on the stage and walkway and hearing all the cheers is so empowering. Plus, you get to make so many new friends. It’s so exciting!”

She’s come back year after year to support survivors like her, and the T. Teal organization. 

“I wanted to give back and help others. I’m on the modeling committee because I know what a wonderful experience it is. We have a few young girls modeling this year, and being able to serve them is an extra special treasure.”





We are thrilled to have Rachel co-chairing the fashion show this year!

Rachel has also been a survivor model, and she’s looking forward to an even bigger and better event this year. As the fashion show co-chair, Rachel will use her experience to help ease the nerves of the models, especially encouraging the young girls.

“It’s all about seeing the transformation for these amazing people, adults and kids alike. Even if you don’t know their specific journey, it is just the best dynamic in that room. Complete positivity. This is the place you need to be.”

Rachel has been one of our constant supporters because of how strongly she believes in Tenaciously Teal’s mission.

“One of the many reasons I love Tenaciously Teal is that it fills a hole among the cancer organizations. Tarah has been where we have. She intuitively knows what we need. It’s more emotional and mental than it is about the money.”


Thank You

These ladies and our whole team have been working hard for months, spending their Saturdays with us, to put on the best Care Packs & Cocktails yet. The event has evolved from 50 people in a home downtown to now being able to fit in the Criterion. Talk about growth!

While there are no longer spots for the fashion show (you all exceeded our expectations with the applications!), we encourage you to attend the event. And, if you’re interested, apply next year! Every cancer fighter and survivor deserves to be celebrated and pampered lavishly.


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  • Lisa Shree Moore

    October 27, 2023 at 9:13 pm Reply

    I had to take the time to say thank you! I recieved my gift today and every item was perfect! Having someone take the time to do something for people you don’t even know is amazing! Thank you again for everything!

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