Soon after receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer, I knew I needed to talk with a survivor. I learned about Tenaciously Teal through friends my church, and reached out through social media. Within an hour, Tarah Warren became my "first responder,"offering a phone number. That conversation was how I first learned about “Brave Shave.” "Brave Shave" for Alan (my amazing husband whose head was shorn simultaneously with mine) and me was a rousing celebration of support on a sunny Saturday morning in the (then) downtown Oklahoma City headquarters of TTeal, with our daughter and about two dozen friends cheering us on. Honestly, there was little "brave" in play (on my part) at the time, but knowing hair loss is inevitable with one of the two chemotherapy drugs I am receiving, it offered a rare opportunity to get out in front of the disease and “fight like a girl!”

Tarah, founder and executive director of TTeal, is herself a survivor of ovarian cancer. She enlisted her network of family and friends to help

gather donations and assemble “care packs,” and began delivering these love gifts to other patients on her treatment days at OKC’s Stephenson

Cancer Center, while attached to the "tree" that carried her own infusion drugs. This was the start of Tenaciously Teal, which now reaches out to

ovarian cancer fighters across Oklahoma and the country. A board of directors and web of volunteers offer services including make-overs, photography and hospitality for “Brave Shave” events, as well as hands-on assembly and delivery/mailing of care packs, or simply a much-needed voice

of encouragement.

Tenaciously Teal (tteal.org) is an organization worthy of respect and support from anyone willing to "Fight Like a Girl" for women who are fighting for their lives.

Linda, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

I was thrilled and honored to have a Tenaciously Teal Empowerment Shoot! Photos of previous Empowerment photo shoot models, captured the very essence and personality of each individual, and to be a part of that experience was such a gift! I was pampered for the day, beginning with make-up by Kadi, Anna Brown supplying stylish fashion and Callie Black who put me at ease in front of the camera! I was an Empowerment model for a day – presenting me of increased self-esteem and self-image! I was self-consciousness of being bald and learned to embrace this badge of courage! My husband, daughter, Tarah and friends cheered me on! Thank you for the Empowerment Shoot experience and giving me a day I will never forget!

Becky, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

When you hear the cancer word your world comes crashing down. Through the journey, however, there are special people placed in your life that have been down the dark road before. Tarah Warren from Tenaciously Teal came into my life when I reached out about a Brave Shave & Empowerment Shoot. I needed to make at least one choice on my own. The Brave Shave was nothing short of amazing. The Brave Shave was amazing, and the empowerment shoot afterwards was awesome! I have never felt as beautiful as I did at the shoot and shave. The fun, and excitement of a professional shoot was fun and helped me to feel gorgeous. I am never one to have my pictures taken, so I was amazed at how beautifully they turned out and how fun the shoot was. T. Teal and the volunteers who provide care packs, gas/cards, and so much love truly has touched my life in more ways than one

Katrina, Uterine Cancer Survivor

My Brave Shave was wonderful! It took was was a very traumatic event and turned it into a ( dare I say) fun evening! I laughed and cried my way through it, but I was cheered on by family, friends, and T. Teal volunteers! My hair started coming out the Sunday before Thanksgiving and Tarah put the Brave Shave together almost overnight. My husband and sister-in-law also shaved their heads to support me. My hair coming out made me feel sick and the T. Teal Brave Shave changed my attitude. Thank you T. Teal for being there for me.

Paula, Breast Cancer Survivor

What a wonderful organization! They have been such a great support to my mother-in-law in her now nine-month fight and to a newly diagnosed friend. The care packs are awesome but the support and encouragement that you give to fighters and their families are priceless.

Carrie, Caregiver