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About Tenaciously Teal

Tenaciously Teal seeks to inspire hope by providing love, community, and empowerment to cancer fighters in the midst of treatment.  Currently operating out of cancer treatment centers within the state of Oklahoma, Tenaciously Teal works with local hospital staff to provide Cancer Care Packs each month along with gas and meal cards to those needing additional assistance. Tenaciously Teal strives to deliver hope to each patient it touches; showing them they are not alone in this battle and there are people who care about their individual fight.

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Why Teal?

Well, pink seems to get a lot of love, and rightfully so. Pink has permeated communities, resonating with people as a medium for Breast Cancer Awareness! Teal represents Ovarian Cancer Awareness, a disease that 22,000 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with this year, and around 14,400 will lose their battle to. It is amazing to think about the lives saved through the simplicity of a pink ribbon, and T. Teal has high hopes that women, sisters, wives, and mothers will be saved because they know the meaning behind the color teal, and took a vested interest in their health by seeking answers and asking questions.


Get a Cancer Care Pack

Our Cancer Care Packs are filled with comfort items fighters utilize each day as they strive to conquer cancer. By giving any size donation to Tenaciously Teal, Inc. we will mail a special care pack to someone you love. When you purchase a care pack you can be confident your loved one will be receiving something they can use each day or you can purchase one for a patient in need. For care packs mailed to a loved one we will include your name in the “requested by line” on our note of encouragement, so whoever you’re spreading hope to will know who to thank. If you’re “just” donating to the cause, thank you for giving the gift of a care pack and giving hope to someone in the fight for their life.