Care Packs

The core of Tenaciously Teal’s mission is the Cancer Care Pack. Each care pack is filled with day to day items Tarah and other cancer fighters have found helpful during treatment.  Each Cancer Care Pack also includes a handwritten note of encouragement from an adult or child and a Clinging Cross. Tenaciously Teal is happy to giveaway care packs, but as a nonprofit charity, we encourage those requesting care packs for a friend or relative to donate the shipping cost. We will include a post card indicating who requested a care pack so your loved will know you were thinking of them. 

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Since T. Teal began, over 13,000 Cancer Care Packs have been delivered to cancer treatment centers across Oklahoma. In addition, T. Teal has mailed over 1,000 Cancer Care Packs to over 30 states and countries.

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Care Pack Parties

A Care Pack Party is a wonderful opportunity for families to volunteer alongside each other to help spread love and hope to cancer fighters. The simplicity of a Cancer Care Pack allows everyone, regardless of age or ability, to participate in our mission. Families have found Care Pack Parties to be a great way to regularly give back, and kids love helping their parents assemble the Care Packs, write notes of encouragement, and decorate bags. Check out our events page to find out where our next community-wide party will be held or request a private Care Pack Party for your church or organization.