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Meet Our Founder, Tarah Warren


Tenaciously Teal’s mission to provide love, community, and empowerment to cancer fighters and their
families began while our founder, Tarah Warren, was herself a cancer patient. While undergoing
treatment for Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, she was blessed with the support of family and friends but
quickly noticed many patients around her who needed support and encouragement during the intensity
of a cancer battle.
“I wanted to reach out to them, and I just started to think about what I could do. I thought about what
would be a tangible way to minister to these patients, to these cancer fighters sitting next to me. I looked
at all of these basic items I was using daily and I thought, well, I can give them some of these. They were
simple things like lotion and lip balm, but it was great not only for the people … but also for me to be

able to take the focus off of what I was going through and try to help others.”

– Founder Tarah Warren

And, Tenaciously Teal was born.

What started as a kind gesture to fellow patients has grown into an impactful 501c3 non-profit
organization that has delivered over 36,000 care packs to cancer treatment centers throughout
Oklahoma and mailed more than 11,000 nationwide. We also offer Brave Shave and Empowerment
Shoots, as well as financial assistance in the form of gas/grocery cards and grants for those needing
additional assistance.

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What a sweet and thoughtful young lady. I was sitting at Mercy in the chemo area crying and
here she came with a care package and a hug. I will never forget it. Thank you so much. I
hope sometime when I feel good that I might do something sweet like this for cancer patients.
God bless you! – Debbie M.

The T. Teal crew took charge and put together a wonderful day of memories for me and my
family. I was treated like a queen, from my glamor make-over in the morning to our photo
shoot, and it all culminated with a Brave Shave that I will remember the rest of my life. I was
feeling insecure and vulnerable, but Tarah and her crew made me feel like a movie star! I
can’t say enough kind words about this woman and her visionary project.
Thank you, T. Teal!
Gyan S.

Met Tarah today at my second round of chemo. She was so kind and spent time talking and
praying with us. I loved the cancer care kit she provided. Very impressed with Tenaciously
Teal and would love to be involved with this organization in the future. – Mindy K.
T.Teal are kind, caring, loving and always take the time to listen to your questions or
concerns. They have helped me and shown my grandma love through her treatments.

If you ever want to donate in any way this is the organization that truly helps all near and far!
They are amazing &amp; God sent. – Taylor M.

Support Tenaciously Teal
As a non-profit organization, we help cancer fighters in their journey by offering:
● Care packs
● Gas and grocery cards
● Brave Shave parties
● Empowerment Shoots
Everything we do is possible because of the help and support of our generous

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