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We’re Moving

But don’t worry! We aren’t going far.

In fact, we’re just moving 5 doors down. Even so, this move is a BIG deal for us because the space we’re moving into is bigger, and will help us better serve our community. 


As our Executive Director Tarah Warren said, “to be honest, I never expected for us to outgrow our current space. It seemed HUGE at the time. We thought we had all the space we needed, but now we are closing in on ourselves! We couldn’t be more thrilled. This new space is going to change so many lives and open up our opportunities to serve the cancer community even better”.

Our current situation:

  • We’re having to limit capacity for Brave Shaves
  • We have to limit weekly volunteers and volunteer groups
  • Storage space is crowded and we have to get creative
  • The space is crowded with supplies and lots of care packs
  • 1,000 sqft to facilitate our programs

Our new space goals:

  • Facilitate connections and foster community
  • Add volunteer working space
  • Add storage space for care packs and the Brave Shave program
  • Added room for hat, scarves, and wig displays
  • Create a warm, inviting space for cancer fighters and their families to create memories while processing emotions related to cancer
  • 2,900 sqft to facilitate our programs


One of the main reasons we’ve outgrown this space is because our cancer care packs have taken off! Since 2014, we’ve delivered over 37,000 care packs, 13,089 of those have been mailed nationally. And, recently, we’ve been averaging 497 care packs distributed each month in 2022. Even better, states like Ohio, Colorado, and Florida are asking for packs to be mailed to their treatment centers. We’ve had a 180% increase in mailed care pack requests since pre-pandemic!


All this growth is incredible.

Though, it does come at a cost. We estimate that we’ll spend about $35 per sq ft of renovation to make the space comfortable and inviting. In addition, shipping expenses have steadily increased over the past two years. And, with a larger space means a larger rent cost


That being said, if you’re willing and able, donations make a big difference as we expand our service. As our monthly costs increase, monthly recurring donations mean even more. We breathe a bit easier knowing that we can expect those consistent gifts, and even just $10 a month covers the shipping of a care pack to a cancer fighter somewhere fighting for their life. Regardless, your support means the world to us, and we appreciate your following along on this journey. 


If you are looking to donate, you can do so here. If you would like to volunteer with us, please send us an email at To check out behind the scenes of the renovation be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank you for your support and love over the years! We couldn’t have grown as we have without you.

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