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Brave Shave Parties Empower Women Facing Treatment

We’d Like You to Meet Shannon!

At Tenaciously Teal, we love empowering women facing treatment-related hair loss by hosting a Brave Shave party for them. Tackling hair loss on their terms ignites the strength and tenacity found inside of each person as they begin their fight against cancer.

We are excited to introduce you to Shannon, one of our recent Brave Shave party honorees.

Shannon is currently fighting Breast Cancer, and is grateful to have a support system including her husband, adult children, family members, church family, and friends. Her side effects have been minimal, and she trusts that God is answering everyone’s prayers for her healing.

She learned about T. Teal’s Brave Shave parties through a friend who recently expressed gratitude for her own Brave Shave party hosted by us. 

“I love what Tenaciously Teal offers people who are going through such a scary time in their life,” she said. Shannon acknowledged that whether people have loved ones by their side or not, the generosity and compassion offered by T. Teal is a wonderful gift and blessing.

She is thankful that God opened a door for Tarah to start Tenaciously Teal and that our mission continues to grow. She knows that as she completes her journey, God will also be opening a door for her to be an advocate for other women who are battling breast cancer.

We Handle All the Details for Our Special Brave Shave Parties


Shannon told us that she loved every part of her Brave Shave party, from someone doing her makeup to the photographer capturing all of the special moments. She knows she will treasure the photographs from her party for years.

She said having  T. Teal handle the details, and provide the food, desserts, makeup and styling  made it easy, and she appreciated having this special and emotional event in her home, surrounded by her family and friends.


“Once the “shave” began to happen, the emotions hit me. I loved that my daughters 

and husband took part in shaving my head. About halfway through my shave, 

it began to feel like the old me was being shed and the new me was sprouting up.”

Donors and Volunteers are Always Welcome

Shannon encourages donors or volunteers to support our mission however if you are able.

She said, “This is a much needed and appreciated foundation for so many people battling different types of cancer. Their support made me feel so loved and special during a time when I was feeling alone and scared, even though I have family and friends who love and support me. The ladies who came to my house were a blessing to my family and me. I am so glad I found Tenaciously Teal.”

Our volunteers and donors help us turn our mission into reality. Thank you for helping us continue to support cancer fighters during their journey.

If you’re interested in volunteering email us at We are always looking for stylists, photographers, makeup artists, and people who just want to help! 

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