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When Cancer Strikes T. Teal Shows Up

When Cancer Strikes…

It affects more than just one’s body.


At Tenaciously Teal, we try to support cancer fighters in every way possible to give them the encouragement, love, and hope they need to stay strong in the face of this disease.  Our gifts come in a variety of packages from care packs, to empowerment shoots, and even financial support in special situations. We created a Board Designated Fund to provide special help when needed, and there definitely seems to be a lot of need. 


These situations arise when either the cancer fighter or family caregiver can no longer work due to the time off required for treatment, or because of the cost of having to travel to treatment centers from outlying areas,high cost of treatment, or unexpected expenses like bed bugs! Yes, T. Teal has even helped get several cancer fighters house treated, because there are not resources to help with that type of situation. Cancer fighters also face hotel charges, meals and gas expenses in addition to their regular ongoing bills, which don’t stop because of cancer. 


Below are a few examples of the kind of stressful situations we’ve been able to alleviate because of our generous donors and our compassionate board of directors. 

See one of our recent letters of request from a cancer fighter: 

“Since this diagnosis, I’ve had disabling surgery, leaving me unable to work. I ran my own tile business, but had to give it up. Eventually, we lost our home to foreclosure and are now renting.  Our car was repossessed, and we are now borrowing a family member’s car. 


My wife is a nurse but recently lost her job because of excessive absenteeism from taking care of me when we don’t have a caregiver. We are having a very difficult time and just aren’t seeing much light at the end of the really dark tunnel. We are a month behind on our rent right now, just hoping and praying for our landlord to understand… again. 


In addition to other things that haven’t worked out, I have applied at DHS for food stamps, but am told that my disability benefit of $1,425 a month is too much money to receive any assistance.


So, I think help with groceries will be most beneficial.


Thank you for your time and consideration. Your kindness, alone, is appreciated more than you know.”

And this Story from a recent Gas card recipient:

I am close to retirement age but I have been working for an auto dealership to get medical insurance for my wife and I. Due to the high cost associated with insurance, and the low pay, I wasn’t able to afford short-term disability while in treatment. Therefore, I have absolutely no income to pay for the many expenses coming in for the treatment I am receiving.


We can’t find anywhere that will help us, and your gift is a huge blessing to my family and me.”


And finally, this Gas card request from a social worker whose patient is undergoing cancer treatment:


“The patient’s spouse is a nurse, and she takes off work to bring him to treatment five days per week. This means she has lost several hours of work. Consequently, the family is in a more difficult situation financially.


Tenaciously Teal is the only financial resource we have available for our patients, and this family could really use the assistance.”  


These are just a few examples of the requests for help that we get on a regular basis. We are grateful we can help ease their stress and touch them with our love. Each recipient knows they are not alone and that people do care when they need it most.


If you would like to help us keep helping, please check out our WISH LIST.. Or simply DONATE HERE.


Together, we can continue to make a difference!  Please join us. 


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