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Inquiring Minds Want to Know… What‘s So Great About A Care Pack?

Everyone loves the “idea” of giving or receiving a gift, as it holds the promise of surprise, love and thoughtfulness. A Tenaciously Teal Cancer Care Pack is no different, but each item also meets a specific need for cancer fighters as they deal with changes in their bodies and the emotional turmoil caused by a cancer fight. We believe, and cancer fighters will attest, that the contents of each T. Teal care pack soothes, nurtures and helps heal the body as well as the spirit!

So, let’s peek inside a care pack and see what each gift brings to our beloved family members and friends and why it’s so important to those who receive them:

Lotion to moisturize dehydrated skin caused by chemotherapy

Chapstick – to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips, also caused by chemotherapy

Tissues – to catch the tears or sniffles from emotions as well as deal with the blood clotting that can occur in the nose from certain medications

Hand sanitizer – to protect weakened immune systems and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that could be transmitted from low white blood cell counts

Protein bar – to add needed nutrients to their diets for strength and well-being. In addition, it is important for cancer fighters to get plenty of protein when they are able to eat since chemo suppresses the appetite

Green tea – for powerful antioxidants to help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and improve brain function

Gatorade – to hydrate, provide electrolytes, and cover up the metallic taste of water often caused by chemotherapy

A journal and pen – to keep track of medical information and symptoms, as well as a safe place to express and process their feelings, fears, and intentions for their fight

Word search game – to help pass the time and keep their brains active

Handwritten note of encouragement – to assure them they are not alone and lift their spirits with inspiring messages

Fuzzy socks – to provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort to patients in the hospital and chemo rooms, which are notoriously cold

Since 2014, Tenaciously Teal has distributed more than 25,000 Care Packs to cancer centers and hospitals across Oklahoma and mailed over 6,000 to men and women fighting cancer nationwide. T. Teal is able to provide tangible support to cancer fighter, because of our generous donors who support our mission and the hundreds of volunteers who help sew and decorate our gift bags, fill them with these contents, and distribute them to cancer fighters in hospitals and chemo rooms. Anyone can request a Care Pack to be sent to a loved one anywhere free of charge on our website, but the underlying cost to Tenaciously Teal is approximately $20 per bag, including postage.

We may have distributed a lot of Care Packs in the past, but every day the number of cancer patients continues to increase. According to the American Cancer Society (2020) there will be an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer in the U.S. this year. Please help us keep Sharing the Love and Encouragement every cancer fighter needs by sharing this post, considering a donation, or saying a prayer for the ministry. 



Thank You from our deepest hearts! 

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