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How your donation touches the lives of Cancer fighters

Donating your hard-earned dollars to help Cancer fighters is an act of great compassion and generosity that truly does touch and bless the lives of people struggling with this disease. Their struggles take many forms from overwhelming fear, feeling alone to losing their hair, which can be devastating.

Here are some examples of how your donations translate into programs that make a difference in the lives of others:

$10 provides a Care Pack for a Cancer fighter
A Care Pack provides a huge dose of comfort and love, the encouragement to keep going and a reminder that someone cares. They simply shine a little light into the tough days that come with Cancer, and that is worth a lot! The items in the gift bag equip Cancer fighters with what they need for the battle and make them feel better.   


Here’s what some Care Pack recipients shared:
“Today at chemotherapy someone brought me a gift. Maybe I was an old man in the corner, but it was wonderful. It meant a lot to me. Thank you for your efforts, your prayers, your concerns. I may not be curable, but you help me keep going. Thank you T. Teal. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. From an old man in the corner, thank you.”

“Your Care Pack today gave me some items that I can use to take my mind off my situation like the Word-Finds book and pen; and I’ll take some time for resting and relaxing with the comfy socks and tea. I can sure use the Kleenex, chapstick, hand cream and hand sanitizer, and since I didn’t eat much today, I nourished my body with the protein bar and Propel. I loved the encouraging note, a Bible verse card and a wooden cross that reminds me of a recent visit to Israel and so many historic religious sites we saw, including the supposed site where Jesus died on the cross.”

A gift of $50 would help sponsor a Brave Shave for a Cancer fighter facing hair loss from Cancer treatment.

Gather together 3 friends plus yourself to donate $50 to cover an entire Brave Shave session!

 A Brave Shave is a private concierge-style service that gives women an option to tackle hair loss on their own terms, rather than waking up one day with clumps of hair on their pillow. It also gives family and friends an empowering way to show support for their loved one in a room filled with love, music, and decorations — or whatever the honored hostess wishes!

For each Brave Shave a hairstylist, photographer, makeup artist and appetizers for guests are provided at no cost. The memories and photos provide on-going support throughout their fight.

$100 would sponsor postage for 20 Care Packs to be mailed nationwide

Currently, we receive anywhere from 40 -150 new requests for Care Packs every week, and thanks to our donors, we are able to mail them at no cost to Cancer fighters. They can be ordered at here.

We receive messages every day of how elated people are to receive a little gift that only costs around $10, but provides a lot of love and comfort.

Won’t you help Share the Love with those who need our help to fight their best fight against Cancer? Your donation can help lift their hearts and their spirits — and what greater or more healing gift is there than the gift of love? Donate Today.



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