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T. Teal’s Best Weapons in the Fight Against Cancer

Tenaciously Teal is a beacon of love, hope, and courage — for people whose worlds have been turned upside-down with the words,  “You’ve got cancer”. First, there’s the shock; then fear sets in and can be nearly as damaging as the disease itself, if you allow it to take over your world.

“That’s why we encourage people to FIGHT back — to look fear in the face and TAKE CHARGE of their lives on their own terms,” says Tarah Warren, Executive Director. “Our Empowerment Shoots and Brave Shaves give cancer fighters the support and tools they need to visually claim and assert their power and bravery in their battle with cancer.“

Thanks to our volunteer makeup artists and professional photographers, these moments of declaration and determination are beautifully documented in dynamic, powerful photographs. These photos serve as constant reminders that they are valliant FIGHTERS with the Will to Win!. And after all…seeing is believing!     


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