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KFOR Payit4ward

I had quite the surprise last month.  Each quarter we host a table at Integris Cancer Institute to pass out Care Packs and distribute information to cancer fighters.  Shortly after my arrival, I saw one of my mom’s friends walking down the hall, which startled me, but then I realized she was with the beautiful Heather Holeman from KFOR-TV, and she had a microphone.  Following them were my parents along with a news camera to document my shock in being nominated for KFOR’s “Pay It 4ward”.  It was such a fun Christmas surprise to receive this award.  Thank you Casto & Jeanne Bugg for the nomination, and First Fidelity Bank for the $400 that will provide 40 Cancer Care Packs to Cancer Fighters this year.  – Tarah

Watch the feature KFOR ran below.  You can also read the article here.

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  • Mrs. Mary Hoogerhyde

    December 8, 2019 at 1:24 am Reply

    My Christmas miracle 💗🙏💦While traveling back to OKLAHOMA from MI this past Monday, I discovered that I had lost my wristlet/wallet which contained every ID I posess: medical cards, credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, retail cards, etc…along with $180.00! Needless to say, I freaked out & searched my car, dumped my purse out & I couldn’t find it😳I have a quirk about washing my laundry and putting everything away before I retire including showering. So I spent hours contacting everyone I had a card with to place an alert on them & prevent anyone from using them. I literally bawled & went through a range of emotions…but I knew in my heart there’s a reason for everything ~ even when it feels pretty bad. I prayed and said Lord I just hope whoever finds it needs it more than me and please have them just turn in my wristlet so I can be at peace. Throughout my numerous phone calls I had to explain and cried to strangers (not my norm) but was simply devastated💦 I also save my receipts when we travel which showed where we ate, gassed up, etc. I called one place in Missouri and no luck. In my mind, I felt like this is the wrong time of year for anyone to lose their wallets. Yet, I kept saying I do believe in miracles and hoped for an angel of mercy🙏 The next place I called was Kum and Go in Bristol Oklahoma. I explained to the worker and asked if he’d search in pump #2 garbage 😔I know that was asking alot. He explained the garbage gets dumped several times thru out the day and tossed into a dumpster which gets emptied 2x’s a week. I asked him again if he would please look for me. Well, he described every bag of trash but I said it’ll have a lidocaine box filled with trash, coffee cup and my green floral wristlet. Without telling me (while I was still on the phone with him) he jumped into the dumpster and said ma’am I have it in my hand. He said everything is intact😊💦🙏I bawled like a baby and told him I’d prayed for an angel of mercy and GOD SENT ME YOU🥰🙏💗 I asked through my tears if I could have their corporate offices number & his name because they need to know what an exemplary person they have working for them👌He gave me the info and said your wristlet is locked in the managers office so it’s safe and will be waiting for you to pick it up😊I told him I was going to wait for my husband to get home so he could drive me. I called his corporate office and left a blubbering message commending this remarkable man working for them & left my phone number & name. When Bob got home I told him about my day & we drove to Bristol. Amazingly, he was the same person working late Monday when we gassed up before returning home. He looked at me and I him ☺ He said I remember you because you told me how happy you were to get to see all your grandbabies & your new great grandson 😍and adult children because you weren’t able to travel for a long time👌I started crying and he came out & we hugged😊💦He went in back and handed me my wristlet. I’m still crying and tried to give him $40 (nothing compared to what I would have lost) but he refused. I said please God laid this on my heart it’s for you. He said no, but hey we have a customer who had a fire & lost everything do you mind putting it in there? No of course not, but please I want you to place it in the jar because it’s yours and he did💞💦🙏God is good all of the time 🥰even when we don’t deserve His mercy😭👌Larry Matthews you’re an exemplary human being & my life has been blessed to have shared this experience with you. Just had to share🥰🙏💦

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