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A Dog For Shelby

Tenaciously Teal’s volunteers and staff have been heartbroken over Shelby’s story, and will be meeting December 2nd at noon to 1 pm CST to make a determination how to best assist Shelby, most likely with a new dog plus care expenses.

As some background to our organization, Tenaciously Teal is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting cancer fighters and their families during treatment. See a short video here. Our three main programs are Cancer Care Packs, gas & grocery assistance to patients in need, and concierge- style Brave Shave Parties for women facing hair loss as well as empowerment photo shoots.

Last year, we expanded our services to include a board-designated fund which aims to help cancer fighters in need. For example, last Christmas, we helped a veteran receiving cancer treatment who “wished” for food and a washer and dryer. While it would be hard to imagine fighting the side effects of cancer treatment without the ability to quickly wash and dry linens and clothes, we learned items like these are considered a luxury. T. Teal’s Board of Directors approved his request and delivered a new washer and dryer and full Christmas dinner to his house just a few days before Christmas.

Inspired by the need, T. Teal’s Board of Directors created an official Board-Designated Fund to fulfill the specific needs of cancer fighters in Oklahoma not met by other organizations. Shelby’s dog would come from our board-designated fund. As you can imagine, requests could be as simple as the veteran’s need for a washer/dryer above to something more unique like Shelby’s.

Our Board-Designated Fund is completely funded by philanthropic gifts and is administered quarterly at the discretion of our Board of Directors.

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