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Roxane’s Brave Shave & Empowerment Shoot

Our passion project has really become helping women feel beautiful in the midst of cancer treatment. Through a party like atmosphere, Brave Shaves, help women feel supported with some fun in the midst of a hard decision. Afterwards women have the option for an Empowerment Shoot, which haveproved over and over that bald truly is beautiful. Roaxane is one of our recent Brave rl-15shave and Empowerment Shoot recipients. Her story is special, because she is not the only one in her household fighting cancer.

In 2008, Roxane’s husband, Jay, was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and treated with radiation at MD Anderson. He remained cancer free for 8 years. This past April, he was told the Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tonsil had returned and metastasized to his lung and liver.

 rl-43Jay initially sought treatment in Phoenix, but decided he wanted to be closer to his wife, Roxane. So husband and wife received their chemo ports on the same day, have the same oncologist, and are treated at the same infusion center in OKC. Jay recently captioned a picture of the couple sitting in the same chemo chair with, “I’ve read that one of the keys to a successful relationship is to do more activities together”. 

T. Teal was honored to support Jay and Roxane’s fight when we hosted a Brave Shave and Empowerment rl-28Shoot for Roxane. Beyond her display of bravery at the Brave Shave, one of the most special moments was when Jay surprised the crowd, and arrived at Roxane’s Brave Shave. His attendance was a surprise because he started a new intensive chemotherapy the same day. Through an uneasy stomach, fatigue, and pain; Jay exemplified a commitment tolove, both in sickness and in health, which is something they both do so well. Inspiring.


As you can see from the beautiful pictures, Roxane rocked her Empowerment Shoot and we are grateful to Mac for donating her makeup session and Neely Jacobson Photography for the beautiful photos. Brave Shave photo by Tia Dawn Photography.


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