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T. Teal and Beauti on The Go

I met the lovely and vivacious Brandi, Creative Director of Beauti on the Go when her team did hair and make-up for my best friend’s wedding.  The June date was just a month after I’d finished twenty rounds of chemo, and although I felt so blessed to be a part of the special day, I had that “I’ve got Cancer” look to me, and wasn’t exactly wedding ready. I was weak, frail, and without hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, which all made me nervous about standing up in front of everyone.

Sitting in Brandi’s chair, she recognized my concern, and she met it with compassion and understanding. While she attended to my “Beauti” dilemma we talked about my treatment and ministry of delivering Cancer Care Packs to those I noticed who were hurting.

Brandi helped me have the courage to stand and honor my friend, and also somehow got eyelashes to stay on throughout a night of dancing, despite having any real ones to hold them up. She also believed in T. Teal when it was just in its’ baby stages, and encouraged me to keep spreading kindness. Brandi did what she could to support the ministry, and promoted T. Teal at Beauti on the Go Bridal Soiree’s with the help of my friends.

When I went back to San Diego in March for my bestie’s baby shower she organized a photo shoot at her downtown loft for the three of us. The shoot included lots of pictures, locations, and personal styling/makeup. We had the perfect day of pampering and laughing. We were grateful for togetherness, as well as what we’ve been through and overcome! One of the many cancer silver linings is the appreciation you gain for those dearest to you…I know I am thankful for these girls. We have been the best of friends for over 16 years, and they spent several weeks in OKC when I was at my worst to make sure I got the best care. Thank you Brandi for allowing us this time and opportunity to capture our friendship and love for one another!

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