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My Last Chemo for Now..

Today is my 40th, and for now, Last chemotherapy infusion. I’ m maybe just as surprised as you are that I have endured so many treatments, and so I can’t help but think about what life will be like with No chemo. Despite the rigors of this battle I know God has a purpose and plan, however, I would have never expected it would include a Non Profit. Helping others, however, has been a propelling force and momentum in this journey, and so I am again looking forward to passing out the 50 special Care Packs T Teal has prepared , and I wonder who we will meet and hopefully encourage.

In addition to my thoughts, my prayers are scattered between those who don’t have answers or definitive ends, the broken, hopeless and sick, as well as those in a revolving and repetitive door of struggles.

Moreover I think of whole communities and families burdened from all kinds of suffering, and gasp at the unfairness of it all. In life we all hope not to face suffering, and imagine it as a straight and narrow path with few bumps  along the way. I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t experienced hardships, and so I have to believe God doesn’t want or need our lives to be completely without twists or turns. Of course God wants us to be joyous and well, and will comfort us when we need it, but the valleys allow us to be broken, refining us, and making us stronger for the mountain tops we aim to climb!

In the midst of our struggles we must maintain hope so we can obtain perseverance, and with perseverance we have the ability to exude strength, faith, and hope even in the valleys!

Thank you for your support of my personal Cancer journey, as well as T. Teal’s mission to spread hope, faith, and love!

Honored to have a local newspaper, The Bethany Tribune,
do a news story on Tenaciously Teal!

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