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Tis the Season for Giving

I was honored to get an email  asking me to come and share about Cancer, Chemo, and Care Packs with the fifth graders at Bethany Elementary in Oklahoma City. My cousin, well my “third cousin”, but she might as well be my first cousin, is a 5th grade teacher there, and has been sharing my fight against  Ovarian

L to R: My cousin, myself, and a friend and
fellow Cancer fighter, Cindy Wales

Cancer with her class.

The word spread and interest was peaked

enough that the kids had a desire to get involved. They collected several donations to support Tenaciously Teal’s mission to encourage individuals battling Cancer by meeting both their immediate and long term needs. Tenaciously Teal has grown through it’s initial and primary endeavor to provide Care Packs to Cancer patients battling Cancer as a way to extend hope and joy to those in the midst of what at times can be a dreadful and terrifying battle.

My sister’s passing out “Fight Like
A Girl” bracelets.
The Care Packs consist of items both myself and other patients have found beneficial in their fight against Cancer including; Gatorade, mints, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Cheeze Its, Protein Bars, puzzles, Peanut butter, and note pads to name a few.  
Donations brought in by the kids, and
placed underneath the Tenaciously Teal Tree.

The fifth graders at Bethany Elementary not only blessed me today with their sweet spirits and kind hearts, there generosity will bless and bring joy to many other patients for months to come. Thank you Bethany Elementary for inviting me to share some of my own and Tenaciously Teal’s story, and thank you for collecting items to fund the Care Pack Operation! It was an honor to be with you today!

More items for Tenaciously Teal’s Care
A letter from Jack that brought me to tears.
Nothing better than being surrounded by so much love and joy!
As we snapped a few shots the kids starting holding up their bracelets
shouting “Fight Like a Girl”!

Christmas is a season for giving, in fact a GIFT is at the center of it all!
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