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10 Things to Know About Losing Your Hair to Cancer!

The first moment feeling BALD!
Embracing The Awkwardness

One thing synonymous with Cancer is the infamous bald head, and when you are diagnosed with Cancer it is one of the first things you think about and plan for. Wig, scarf, and hat shopping commence, and you tell yourself really,” its’ just hair”! It’s just hair, but society tells us hair and looks are important, and consequently we all have become expert judges in looks and first impressions!

After my Cancer diagnosis I beat my treatment to the punch and shaved my head to avoid clumps in the shower or wake ups to hair on my pillow. Shaving my head was one of the best decisions, and for me the decision was easy. It was a proactive approach to the inevitable and something I could take control of. Although follow through was not painless, and highlighted the reality I really do have Cancer, I would not trade my decision. It required a lot of adjustment and growth, which now allows me to share a few things I learned.

1. As I said, shaving my head before chemo was one of the best decisions, and I recommend it to other fighters. I invited close friends to my home, and have shared memories of triumph, tears, and a closed chapter of hairiness.

My 1st No Hair Pic!

2. Hair is not for spirals, spikes or looks.  It has one strategic purpose.. Keeping one’s head warm! 

3. There is an art to wrapping up your head with bed sheets so breezes don’t keep you up at night!

4. Many don’t realize but hair on your head is not the only follicles to vacate…Cancer Silver Lining..  you lose all hair, and I do mean all of it:)

5. Your eyebrows and eyelashes are the last to go, but the first to reappear.

6. People will stare at you when you have courage to step out without the Comfort of Hair!

7. You Can Overcome the whispers and stares that come with being Folliclely Impaired!

8. It’s okay to feel self-conscious or embarrassed just remember you are a Strong FIGHTER!!!

9.  Losing you hair to Cancer gives you the opportunity to realize every cowlick and awkward hair part, that has ever rebelled against you, is actually Quite Perfect!

My husband and I. 11-2013,
Working with
what I got!

10. Find a  hair stylist to help you through the Grow Back Stage.. dun dun dun.. Folks, It’s gets Awkward! Also keep it short for a couple months so hair growth cycles can catch up with each other.

Ok + 1 More…

11. Hair grows back, memories and opportunities do not! Spencer Green once said (My Cousin, now an Angel, and Cancer Fighter) you should “Enjoy Every Sandwich”,  Hair or No Hair!

My Cousin, who enjoyed “Every Sandwich” singing his hit..
 “Sweet Surrender”
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