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Finding the Light

This week has
been rough, but not too unbearable where I could not see life’s blessings. My
counts are low again, and I have had some trouble with soreness in my stomach.
This week my Oncologist asked me what I learned from eating Tostadas the night
before I painted our bathroom wall with them. I said” I need to be careful with
the Mexican”! She said “yes and start taking Prilosec”. My response, “Awesome,
I’ll add it to the weekly pill case”. Speaking of pills, I have learned that I
can continue taking my chemo pills through the remainder of my treatment. For
those interested, my BIG treatment consists of six cycles. A cycle is equal to
three chemo infusions. I have finished two, and next week will begin cycle #3.
By March 6th I will be able to say I am halfway done with them
“throwing the kitchen sink at me”. After May I will only have one infusion
every three weeks, and that and the chemo pills will be considered
While my mom
was here we were able to plan out my chemo schedule. I found out that I will
get to walk in recognition of obtaining my Masters in Social Work (MSW) two
days after I complete my last tough cycle. I am taking one class this semester,
but will have to complete the intended practicum this summer and fall. I must
say, I see God orchestrating events and encounters through this journey that I
could not have imagined. He is my daily strength and I lean on His many
promises to be with us. I find this empowerment from daily talks with my
Savior, and reading His truth in The Bible. 
I look for him amongst His creation and through the trees that quietly
reach toward Heaven. I strive to look for the light and turn from darkness that
is found in the most mundane and common tasks. It is a practice to listen and
patiently wait on the Lord, which has taken me thirty years and Cancer to
embark on this fine tuning.  Thanks for
following me on this journey. Have a great Sunday! #Walktowardsthelight!

Walking in the Light!

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