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Reaching Others Through Your Story

If you are or have been a cancer fighter, one of the scariest moments of your life was probably when you heard “You have cancer”. You instantly knew that your life, as you knew it, was about to change. You were suddenly flooded with fear and uncertainty and felt very alone.  

Even family members and close friends or loved ones of people hearing those words feel fearful, helpless or overwhelmed. They wonder, “What should I say? What should I do? How can I help”?

One of the most comforting gifts to cancer fighters and their caretakers or loved ones at this time can be to hear or read the stories of others who have walked the path that now lies before them. That’s why our blogs and newsletters often feature stories about cancer fighters and caretakers and the importance of community and connection. Sharing your experience is the best medicine to help others not feel so alone or overwhelmed.  

We want to hear your story!

Please join us in giving hope, help and answers to those now facing a cancer diagnosis or finding themselves in the role of caretaker, for which they are not prepared. Below is an online form you can use to share your story and ask others to do the same. Together, we can empower cancer fighters and the people who love and care for them by providing the information, support and resources they need. Let us hear from you!


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