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“If We Can Put a Man on the Moon We Can Find a Cure For Cancer”

Tenaciously Teal founder, Tarah Warren, was recently interviewed by KFOR in Oklahoma City about the OU Stephenson’s Cancer Center’s application to become a National Cancer Institute (NCI).  Tarah serves on the OU Stephenson Cancer Center’s Board of Advocates and directly benefited from NCI clinical trials at Stephenson during her sixteen months of chemotherapy for Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.

The Stephenson Cancer Center’s application to become an NCI designated Cancer Center is groundbreaking for the state of Oklahoma. There are 69 NCI designated cancer centers in 35 states across the U.S., not including Oklahoma. Becoming a NCI designated cancer center means you have reached the pinnacle in cancer care. Cancer Centers with this accreditation provide the best resources in cancer treatment, including the depth and breadth of their scientific research and clinical trials. Tarah put it best in her interview,”I feel like clinical trials for cancer patients is an extension of hope when you are fighting a life-threatening illness. Not only to help yourself but to help others in the future. That’s a really great calling.” To have a cancer center with NCI designation in the state of Oklahoma means Oklahoman’s will no longer have to look outside of the state for exceptional cancer care and lifesaving clinical trials. Cancer fighters can receive treatment at home surrounded by family and friends, and remain confident they are receiving treatment from a state of the art cancer center that places emphasis on scientific research. Tarah is right when she said, ” If we can put a man on the moon we can find a cure for cancer”, and that just may happen right here in Oklahoma at the Stephenson Cancer Center.


Tarah’s Interview for the OU Cancer Center’s NCI Designation

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