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I Am Tarah Warren

My name is Tarah Warren, and I’m a Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed with metastasized Ovarian Cancer in November of 2012, and since then endured two surgeries and sixteen months of chemo. Everybody knows cancer is a strenuous and excruciating battle, but you don’t truly understand the strength it takes to keep fighting until you are in the midst of the battle. After two surgeries my oncologist directed me to Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, which she said could double my life expectancy. The only problem, it’s much more intensive and nausea inducing because they pump the chemo directly into your abdomen through a port tied to your rib. During my chemo the effort it took to open doors, or just get out of bed was almost more than what’d become my 90lb frame could endure. Despite the rigorous and painful battle, each day I made a conscious effort to fight the cancer with all the tenacity I could, and I was blessed with prayers and support from many around the country who reminded me of my cancer slogan “Fight Like a Girl”!

I’m now a year out of chemo, cancer free, and proud to say the Director and Founder of a 501c3, OKC based charity, Tenaciously Teal (T. Teal). T. Teal is a Non-Profit dedicated to meeting the needs of cancer fighters through gas/meal cards, distributing Cancer Care Packs, and throwing private Brave Shave parties for those facing hair loss to cancer treatment. T. Teal grew out of my desire to spread hope and light to many I observed who were in the midst of darkness, a good description for a cancer battle. T. Teal evolved over time, but started with a Tenaciously Teal blogspot where I wrote about life, God, and Cancer. Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness a color intended to bring awareness to a disease 1 and 73 women will be diagnosed with in their lifetime. After my second surgery, I spent a week in the hospital, and was encouraged to walk as much as I could. While I perused the hallways to maintain my strength, I was in awe of how many people around me who were grappling with a cancer diagnosis. A poignant moment in my fight was the realization many were battling with little to NO support, which is when I became determined to spread hope in a tangible way.

During my chemo treatment I started bringing a few “Cancer Care Packs” to patients I came across who were in need. I sold many teal bracelets and t-shirts, and used the money to purchase items to put in the Care Packs. A Care Pack included things I utilized during my own fight; hand sanitizer, protein bars, Kleenex, chapstick, green tea, warm/fuzzy socks, journals/ puzzle books etc. What started as a few Care Packs quickly grew to 40-50 each time I went to chemo. T. Teal now distributes Cancer Care Packs at six metro infusion/radiation centers, and we’ve mailed over 100 Cancer Care Packs to fighters across the U.S. In addition, T. Teal gave $4,000 in gas and meal cards to patients identified as being in need in 2014, and we’ve given out over 1,000 Cancer Care Packs. I believe the most meaningful thing you can do in this life is be kind to others, and do unto others as you’d want them to do for you, if one day you found yourself in the midst of darkness. And one more thing..Fight Like a Girl!!

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  • Debbie Baylis

    June 10, 2016 at 8:39 pm Reply

    My Husband was doing his 5th chemo round at the VA center today and they gave him a care package that included a lot of things that I thought was very thoughtful that someone took the time to share God’s love and light to others.I just wanted you to know how much that touched my heart that someone else’s heart touched his.It has lit a path for me that I can follow and touch others as well along my journey.Thank you for passing love in others.Blessings

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