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A Day of Care Packs in Pictures

Jessica is the front desk manager at the Grace Stephenson
Cancer Center and she always greets me with a smile each time I go
to chemo.
 My grandmother just moved from Oregon to OKC,
 and has taken it upon herself to start helping me with the
 Cancer Care Packs. These care packs had an extra special “Nanny”
touch with teal ribbon wrapped around the green tea bags

 Cancer Care Packs

1. Gatorade
2. Protein Bars
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Lotion
5. Note pads
6. Face Scrub
7. Chex Mix
8. Pudding
9. Green Tea
12. Chocolate
13. Crossword puzzles
14. Cheeze- Its
15 Peanut Butter
16. A handwritten note

When you go to chemo you can expect to get poked a
few times.


She didn’t get that darn vein to “float” as they say, which means push
and hope it goes..
Looking away to pray!
Third time was a charm this go around. Chemo Tip: Drink
lots of water!

Each Care Pack has a hand written note included.

I never knew “Teal for Tarah” would grow into
“Tenaciously Teal” and I have the support and prayers
of so many to thank for that!
Dragging the chemo pole around and handing out
 Care Packs is the best
part about coming to chemo.

This is a special lady battling a rare form of Breast Cancer
She gave me some good advice about handing out Care Packs
at a chemo center she initially had to go to, and one reserved
for those without insurance. I am looking forward to visiting the infusion  center
she spoke of and spreading some more smiles and encouragement to those
who need to be praised for their FIGHT!
In the notes I typically try communicate to people that they are fighters
 just by coming to chemo, encourage them try and keep smiling, look for the Cancer silver linings,and remind them that
 somebody loves them!

Sometimes to keep fighting you have to look the other way
pray and think happy thoughts!

If you would like to help Tenaciously Teal minister to Cancer patients enduring chemo by providing them with a Cancer Care Pack please visit
Thank you also to Fishwater Tees for selling Fight Like a Girl Tees for Tenaciously Teal’s Care Packs

  • Jodi Oviatt

    September 14, 2013 at 2:49 am Reply

    I love you tarah! You are amazing! Such a light! Such a blessing! And such a beautiful girl inside and out! Miss you! XOXO! So proud of you! – Jodi

  • Rick

    September 14, 2013 at 4:49 pm Reply

    I love your "getting poked in the arm" expressions.

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