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Boomer Sooner & TEAL

Yesterday I experienced my first live opening of college football with around 100,000 other fans who congregated in Norman, OK. Taking it all in I exclaimed to my husband, “everyone not in team colors sticks outs like sore thumb”. We both laughed about coming across someone not in their teams color giving it a, “come on man, get with the program.” thought.

Now I have not always been a college football fan, so I probably don’t have a lot of room to talk.  In fact, when I moved to Oklahoma twelve years ago I wasn’t totally sure how the game was even played, and certainly didn’t have so much OU gear.

Gaylord Memorial Stadium
covered in Crimson and Cream

Once in the stadium I was in awe of so many there for one purpose, and the roar of the cheers coming from 82,112 other fans inside what a hundred degree day had turned into one hot and steamy playground. I was taken back by the commitment of so many who had come together as a united front, and my mind drifted to the many others gathered in stadiums across the globe and still others who were hunkered down with friends and food in front of their TV’s.

Benjamin and I in our Crimson
 and Cream at the OU game.

When it comes to the college football fan there is no doubt who and what they are cheering for, and wearing a specific color aligns you quickly with a team.  Over time, however, those who put on the colors again and again realize those colors, being a fan,  represent more then just a desire to win! Likeness in color  represents being a part of something greater than yourself, it represents family, embodies love, and maybe most importantly symbolizes unity.

 Since last November I have started sporting another team color, and I have definitely acquired a lot more of it! TEAL is the designated color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and SEPTEMBER is important because it signifies the start of college football but also represents Ovarian Cancer Awareness month!

There is power in teams, so I am asking my friends and family to come together and help spread the word about a disease that has been referred to as the silent killer. According to The American Cancer Society (2015), ONLY  15%  of Ovarian Cancer patients are diagnosed early, and a women’s lifetime risk of developing the disease is 1 in 72. Early diagnosis is key, and helping spread the word by wearing teal throughout the month of September could save a life.


This month when you put on your fan colors also remember to wear your Teal, and symbolically stand in unity with the over 14,000 women who will be diagnosed this year and 22,000 who will lose their battle to the disease.

As much as your team needs you the fight against Ovarian Cancer needs you, so wear your Teal and spread the word! There’s some teal at the link below, but ANY teal is better than no teal!

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