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Prayer and Anticipation

I have completed four cycles of chemo now (1 cycle= 3 separate infusions). I was so nervous about this last cycle, and it is a miracle what God did in me once I made it out the door of my house Wednesday. I was throwing up and barely walking, but as I got into the car with my sister and a good friend I felt The Holy Spirit come over me. I made my way into the chemo room, and began my usual hello’s to all the friends I have made there. Thanks to your faithfulness in purchasing bracelets, three people were blessed with a goodie bag, and I was blessed with the company of friends and ability to be alert and conversing about what the Lord has done for me and others.

Yesterday Jesus helped me brave again. After each chemo cycle I will have to start going in to get a “shot of gold”, or what before insurance costs $6,000 to help my body make more white blood cells. Yesterday I only had the time to put together one goodie basket for what I knew God would provide the right person to receive it. I exited the elevator on the 3rd floor of the infusion center and approached the front desk as I usually do. I noticed there were several of my friends behind the desk, but before I could say hi a lady stopped me to point out the scarf over my head to her mother. Suddenly I locked eyes with another Cancer patient, and all I could see were her deep blue eyes that appeared weary. I asked what she was here for and how she was.  She said with watery eyes, ” It is all just so much, I am running a fever, and I just don’t know if I can take it”. Suddenly I felt the prodding I have come to recognize on several occasions through this journey. Jesus was asking me to pray over this woman. This request has happened at different times on this journey, and I had become comfortable in my following of the spirit. I had not, however, been tested at a time when so many people congregated around me. Still remembering my prayers to be brave I asked if I could, and then laid my hand on this woman with a fever, and prayed! There was not much to say after this, and she was quickly ushered back by a nurse who was in the foreground waiting. I looked up and around me and quickly became hot and flustered as I realized everyone watching me. I knew I had done the right thing, but still it is nerve racking for sure! Shortly after this my friends,  Bud and Wilma came out from the door after another chemo round. Bud and Wilma are strong Christians, and Wilma is the lady I gave my first goodie bag to. It was a joy and a comfort to see them, and I learned something I had not known before that Wilma also has Ovarian Cancer. (Keep her in your prayers as she had chemo yesterday).

I too was ushered back to the chemo room, and as I have begun to eagerly look forward to and pray about before each trip I wondered who my nurse would be. The tech told me “Allison” will be taking care of you. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I thought I had had every nurse at the chemo center, but I had never had Allison and she shares a name with a dear friend who went to Heaven ten years ago this July. It was God’s way of reminding me ” He is with me”. After I received my shot I looked around the chemo room and it was empty except for the lady who I prayed over just a few minutes earlier. I walked over to her and her daughter, and as I have begun to do asked, ” Can I give you something?”

Can I give you all who are still reading something? Worship the Lord God in Heaven alone. Praise Him this weekend that He saved us all by sending His son Jesus to die on the cross, and then raised Him from the dead. What I hope I do in writing to you all is show you that His spirit is very much alive, and He is waiting on You!

Have a Blessed Easter,


  • Jaci Bounds

    March 29, 2013 at 2:41 pm Reply

    Tarah, What a blessing you are to me and to all those around you! Praise God for all the incredible things He is doing in and through you during this trying time.

  • Glynna

    March 29, 2013 at 3:01 pm Reply

    God has given you a boldness that is beyond what you feel you can do. But, you proved even yourself wrong yesterday, by praying for that lady. She was probably not the only person who received your blessing. I am sure all those standing around you did as well!! Fight on, Tarah!

  • D4

    October 4, 2013 at 12:21 pm Reply

    I just found your site this morning. What a testimony of God's love you have. You blessed me with your words and your spirit. May God's Holy Presence walk with you and hold you up. I pray that you are doing WELL! Blessings! Debbie

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