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Look for the silver Lining

I had no idea my high school friend and I would be blowing up in the “Thundering Up” world today. I was so blessed  by the excitement of last night, and thank God for the opportunities He presents to spread His Light! God, along with my good friend Torrey James were by my side in the chemo room today, and He will be with me again tomorrow as I face what has proven to be my toughest round of the three infusions I receive in one cycle.

I told a story to Torrey today that I recently heard from a friend.  A four year old girl was battling an aggressive Cancer. She explained that her ability to do the things she loved was taken away by a “dragon inside her”, but she delighted in the fact that God’s angels where with her. I was intrigued by this analogy because of recently reading of the description in the Bible of  Satan as a dragon, and within the same chapter we are reminded that the Light will ultimately overcome. You never know what will happen when you walk towards the Light, and look for life’s blessings.

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  • Rick

    March 22, 2013 at 4:58 pm Reply

    You're blowing it up. I love you.

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