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Cancer Care Packages

The core of Tenaciously Teal’s mission is the Cancer Care Pack. Each Cancer Care Pack is filled with day to day items Tarah and other cancer fighters have found helpful during their cancer treatment. Items include Gatorade, protein bars, hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, journals, green tea, crossword puzzles/word finds, chapstick, and cozy men’s and women’s socks. As able through donations, Cancer Care Packs also include knit hats, blankets and neck pillows; great for a long day in the chemo chair! Each Cancer Care Pack also includes a note from Tenaciously Teal encouraging the recipient to KEEP FIGHTING and to remember they are not fighting alone.

Since T. Teal began, over 10,000 Cancer Care Packs have been delivered to cancer treatment centers across Oklahoma. In addition, T. Teal has mailed over 300 of their Cancer Care Packs to over 30 states and countries.

To request a care pack for a friend or family member,